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Meet Third Rail Member: Michele Esposito

Name: Michele Esposito

Where Do You Live: Queens, Ny

Where Are You From: Queens, Ny

What Other Teams You Support: NYCFC

Why You Support NYCFC: I have loved soccer since I was a kid. I tried to like the Red Bulls but realized early on that they weren't the team for me. I was on a message board discussing chants and songs we could sing at games and I was told we couldn't sing anything with NY in it because we had to represent NJ also. Not only did they play in NJ, but I couldn't even show my pride of being a New Yorker at the games. That was it for me. I have been waiting for a real team to represent NY ever since, and I think I found it in NYCFC.

A little bit about yourself: Work is boring and not worth talking about lol. I fell in love with soccer when I was 11 in the 2002 World Cup. In my spare time I love playing Playstation, watching sports, movies, and TV shows.

Why Do You Love the Third Rail: I love showing support for my favorite teams, and the third rail is the best way to do that for NYCFC. I am looking forward to joining my fellow members in the bleachers when the season starts.

Meet Third Rail Member, Nick Ferrante

Name: Nick Ferrante

Where Do You LiveLong island Ny

Where Are You FromLong island Ny

What Other Teams You Support: Chelsea

Why You Support NYCFCI have always enjoyed football(soccer). Having a team this close to me is a great thing and always have to support a New York team.

A little bit about yourself: I work for Allstate. I have always enjoyed all sports, whatever can entertain me.

Why Do You Love the Third Rail: Seems like a good group of people and are motivated to get things going in this first season!


Meet Third Rail Member, Robert Hobson

Name: Robert Hobson
Where You Live: Ridgewood Queens
Where You Are From: Ridgewood Queens

What Other Teams You Support: Chelsea

Why You Support NYCFC: This is a team born in NYC playing in NYC for New Yorkers. I love Chelsea F.C. but a guy across from me on the train is wearing a Liverpool scarf. Now we can both rock our NYCFC scarfs and support and love the same team.

A little bit about yourself: I have been married six months this February 2nd. I live in Ridgewood, Queens, the heart of Queens with my wife, stepdaughter and our dog.

I work for Time Warner Cable as a Customer Service Professional. I actually don't have any hobbies to speak of at the moment. I am hoping to get more involved with the Third Rail to take up my time. Also my wife and I are trying to get pregnant so while her hormones are... adjusting I have been advised to get out of the house and do something. I think the Third Rail will be perfect for me.

Why You Love the Third Rail: There is nothing about watching a football match better than hearing everyone scream YEAH!!! at the same time. You grab the person next to you, high five them, a hug if they are cool with it and you celebrate.

I want that with the Third Rail.

I want to be around a group of folks who love my team as much as me and who are my friends as well. I love the amount of faith we all have in a team that is still in its growing stage. Mostly I love the Third Rail because they will love me.

P.S. Rob also created a MLS fantasy league for the rail. To join go to and use league code 272925188

Meet Gustavo Mazza - River Plate and NYCFC supporter!

Our 3rd TR member profile comes from Gustavo Mazza!

Gustavo Mazza

Where You Live: 
Orange County, NY

Where You Are From: 

What Other Teams You Support: 
River Plate (Arg.) Celta De Vigo (Spain)

Why You Support NYCFC: 
Because I always wanted to support a REAL New York team, In NY and not in another state!

A little bit about yourself: 
My family came to this country when I was 2, Grew up in Astoria, Queens.

I love all kinds of sport but Soccer is my passion. Played it up to High school and beyond with for a club in the Cosmopolitan league. I even tried out for the MLS in 1994 when they had open tryouts in NJ. I coached my son's teams.

I hung up my cleats 10 years ago, but the Passion for Soccer still burns strong in my soul!

Why You Love the Third Rail: 
Its' a New York team on NY soil!

It follows in the tradition of soccer clubs around the world. The teams have the city or town in their name because they ARE in the town or city!

Anything else to add?
I am really excited about this team and with my fellow Third Rails I want be part of building the history of this team!

Oh, and if you are interested in being profiled here - make sure to let us know.

Third Rail Member Profile - Jason Diaz

In the first of our series of Third Rail Member Profiles, we would like to introduce everyone to Jason Diaz from New York. Check out why he chose to support NYCFC, what brought him to the Third Rail, and much more below.

Name: Jason Diaz

Where You Live: White Plains, NY

What Other Teams You Support: Everton FC, New York Knicks

Why You Support NYCFC: To be honest, I was never able to connect with NYRBs. There's no hate there - I have a couple friends who are big fans and I went to a handful of games with them - but yeah, just was never feelin' it. But once I heard about NYCFC, I was all in. Especially since I am a Westchester commuter, having the games (at least for the time being) being held at Yankee Stadium was icing on the cake for me. Don't get me wrong, NYCFC building a new SSS can't come any sooner for me, but for the meantime, it's nice to have a stadium so close to home. Go Skyliners! (my unofficial nickname for the squad; and FYI once was a NYC-based squad in the United Soccer Association)

A little bit about yourself: Hunter Grad Student studying Urban Planning by day, bartender by night. Fell in love with soccer during the 2006 World Cup in Germany, and the deal was sealed after viewing the cup final between Italy and France in a local Italian restaurant; I mean, what's NOT to love about a Zidane head-butt?! Not to mention an intensity and physicality on the pitch that is rarely matched in today's game. I didn't entirely understand what I had just witnessed, but I knew I loved it.

Why You Love the Third Rail: Haven't had the chance to attend any TR meetings yet, but looking forward to meeting everyone during the matches and at future meetings. And definitely looking forward to some away game trips!

Anything else you want to add:
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New York City's the team to follow
And there's no better leader, than David Villa
And he's the best little Spaniard we know!