Third Rail Member Profile - Jason Diaz

In the first of our series of Third Rail Member Profiles, we would like to introduce everyone to Jason Diaz from New York. Check out why he chose to support NYCFC, what brought him to the Third Rail, and much more below.

Name: Jason Diaz

Where You Live: White Plains, NY

What Other Teams You Support: Everton FC, New York Knicks

Why You Support NYCFC: To be honest, I was never able to connect with NYRBs. There's no hate there - I have a couple friends who are big fans and I went to a handful of games with them - but yeah, just was never feelin' it. But once I heard about NYCFC, I was all in. Especially since I am a Westchester commuter, having the games (at least for the time being) being held at Yankee Stadium was icing on the cake for me. Don't get me wrong, NYCFC building a new SSS can't come any sooner for me, but for the meantime, it's nice to have a stadium so close to home. Go Skyliners! (my unofficial nickname for the squad; and FYI once was a NYC-based squad in the United Soccer Association)

A little bit about yourself: Hunter Grad Student studying Urban Planning by day, bartender by night. Fell in love with soccer during the 2006 World Cup in Germany, and the deal was sealed after viewing the cup final between Italy and France in a local Italian restaurant; I mean, what's NOT to love about a Zidane head-butt?! Not to mention an intensity and physicality on the pitch that is rarely matched in today's game. I didn't entirely understand what I had just witnessed, but I knew I loved it.

Why You Love the Third Rail: Haven't had the chance to attend any TR meetings yet, but looking forward to meeting everyone during the matches and at future meetings. And definitely looking forward to some away game trips!

Anything else you want to add:
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New York City's the team to follow
And there's no better leader, than David Villa
And he's the best little Spaniard we know!