Meet Third Rail Member, Robert Hobson

Name: Robert Hobson
Where You Live: Ridgewood Queens
Where You Are From: Ridgewood Queens

What Other Teams You Support: Chelsea

Why You Support NYCFC: This is a team born in NYC playing in NYC for New Yorkers. I love Chelsea F.C. but a guy across from me on the train is wearing a Liverpool scarf. Now we can both rock our NYCFC scarfs and support and love the same team.

A little bit about yourself: I have been married six months this February 2nd. I live in Ridgewood, Queens, the heart of Queens with my wife, stepdaughter and our dog.

I work for Time Warner Cable as a Customer Service Professional. I actually don't have any hobbies to speak of at the moment. I am hoping to get more involved with the Third Rail to take up my time. Also my wife and I are trying to get pregnant so while her hormones are... adjusting I have been advised to get out of the house and do something. I think the Third Rail will be perfect for me.

Why You Love the Third Rail: There is nothing about watching a football match better than hearing everyone scream YEAH!!! at the same time. You grab the person next to you, high five them, a hug if they are cool with it and you celebrate.

I want that with the Third Rail.

I want to be around a group of folks who love my team as much as me and who are my friends as well. I love the amount of faith we all have in a team that is still in its growing stage. Mostly I love the Third Rail because they will love me.

P.S. Rob also created a MLS fantasy league for the rail. To join go to and use league code 272925188