Member Profile: Michael Brown

In the second of our series of Third Rail Member Profiles, we would like to introduce everyone to Michael Brown from Virginia. Check out why he chose to support NYCFC, what brought him to the Third Rail, and much more below.

Name: Michael Brown
Where You Live: Brooklyn
Where You Are From: Virginia

What Other Teams You Support: Chelsea, Buffalo Bills

Why You Support NYCFC: I have been a passive soccer fan for some time now. I follow the USM&WNT but that was about it.

Lately I have become an avid EPL fan and enjoy the MLS but never had a strong connection to it. For whatever reason I never felt a strong pull to NY Red Bulls or DC United (when I was growing up in VA).

I love the idea of following a team from the ground up. NYCFC has such a strong community of fans already and the season has yet to start. I think that shows how dedicated we are to support this club. The team has showed commitment to the fans through CIty Voice and updated content on the site. I am also a member of the Third Rail and am loving it. It is clear that NYCFC has something great to offer and the fans do as well. I am excited and proud to be part of that community and experience.

A little bit about yourself: Making it about me, alright. I work for American Express in the legal department. I have been living in NYC for a little over four years. Originally, born and raised in Virginia. I used to live in Manhattan but moved to Brooklyn about two years ago.

My love for soccer is a relatively recent development. I played in middle school and supported the US National Teams but that was about it. I stopped playing soccer because I needed to focus on sailing. I am a competitive sailor and sailed in college at Old Dominion University. My senior year as captain we finished the season fourth in the nation. So stopping soccer and focusing on sailing did pay off but I do regret not playing a little more growing up.

Recently, my friends and I have gotten very involved in following the EPL. A good buddy of mine talked me into supporting Chelsea and I hit the ground running. I am quickly realizing that the sport of soccer is one of the best in the world. The pace, teamwork, skills involved, and beauty are unparalleled. I also love the community that it creates. It makes my day when I see a fellow Chelsea fan on the street and stop and chat about the team.

Why You Love the Third Rail: Oh man, the Third Rail is great.

I have never been a part of a supporters group before joining the Third Rail. So far I am loving being a member. I am trying to dive head first into supporting NYCFC and the Third Rail is the perfect way to do that. Its a great experience to be part of a group that is so diverse but still supports the same thing. It is apparent that the Third Rail is serious about making this a great group and supporting NYCFC as best as possible. So far they have done a great job of keeping me and my fellow members pumped up for the season to kick off.