Meet Third Rail Member: Michele Esposito

Name: Michele Esposito

Where Do You Live: Queens, Ny

Where Are You From: Queens, Ny

What Other Teams You Support: NYCFC

Why You Support NYCFC: I have loved soccer since I was a kid. I tried to like the Red Bulls but realized early on that they weren't the team for me. I was on a message board discussing chants and songs we could sing at games and I was told we couldn't sing anything with NY in it because we had to represent NJ also. Not only did they play in NJ, but I couldn't even show my pride of being a New Yorker at the games. That was it for me. I have been waiting for a real team to represent NY ever since, and I think I found it in NYCFC.

A little bit about yourself: Work is boring and not worth talking about lol. I fell in love with soccer when I was 11 in the 2002 World Cup. In my spare time I love playing Playstation, watching sports, movies, and TV shows.

Why Do You Love the Third Rail: I love showing support for my favorite teams, and the third rail is the best way to do that for NYCFC. I am looking forward to joining my fellow members in the bleachers when the season starts.