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The Third Rail Forums Are Now Live!

For some time now we have been looking for an online place for all Third Railers to get together and talk all things soccer in a fun, friendly and most importantly organized manner.  

Well everyone, that day is here!

Introducing Third Rail Forums, the best place for members to discuss all things NYCFC and beyond.  Third Rail Forums is open to all paid 2015 members (all of you have received an email).

To get started just register on Third Rail Forums with the information below:

  • The NAME you used for your 2015 Membership
  • The EMAIL ADDRESS you used to purchase your 2015 Membership

From there, you will be approved by one of our board members.  

We decided to move to a forum over a Facebook group so that way we can keep things more organized, whether discussing match day activities, events, tickets, and more.

We hope that as many of you will register for the forum as possible as it took a lot of time putting this together.  Again, this is for you guys as we are always trying to improve and make the supporter experience as easy as possible.  

If you have any questions about the forum or about your 2015 Membership please get in contact Bill Domeika, Director of Membership, he can be reached at or with one of our board members.

You can access the forum here -->