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Game Day Details: NYCFC v New York Red Bulls

Over 1,000 NYCFC fans will be making the trek over to Harrison this Sunday
It's going to be an epic day so let's be prepared.

Meet-up plans:


  • Anytime before 3.30pm: Meet at Stout NYC (133 W33rd Street)
  • 3.30pm: Leaving to take PATH
  • 4.30pm: Tailgate at Gate C
  • 6.00pm: Head into stadium
  • 7.00pm: Kickoff

There will also be an NYCFC v NYRB Xbox competition at Nevada Smith's at 1pm for those interested to play before going to Stout. Third Rail members get a 50% discount when they use this code: PLTR50

DRIVING: People driving should park in the warehouse lot.  It is closest to Gate C.

BY PATH: We will be meeting at Stout NYC (133 W33rd Street).  We will be leaving at 3:30pm the latest.  We will then take the PATH train to RBA (Harrison Station).  We will then congregate in the lot adjacent to Gate C around 4:30.  BYOB!!!

Inspections of all drums, flags, banners and cowbells will be done in that lot at around 5:30pm. We will then head into the stadium at 6pm.  Drums will have to go in first.

p.s. Remember to wear LIGHT BLUE! No black away jerseys --- just light blue :)

Inside the Stadium: Please Read

See here for all the information about inside the stadium: Visiting Supporters Plan.


Please note that all fans in our sections will be held back from exiting for 10-15 minutes after the match as part of the security protocol. 

Ross Cranwell is the Director of Marketing. An Irish native, Ross has been living in NYC for over a year now and works in marketing for a tech company. Ross loves NYCFC, Serie A and plays pickup. Reach out to him on twitter to chat!