nevada smiths philadelphia

#Phillyaway Quick Details

As the big game in Philly approaches, here is some key information for the road trip.

  1. We are sitting in section 132 in the Stadium

  2. The bus for Philly leaves at 11am, so be there as early as possible.

  3. If you are driving down, park in Lot A and meet us in the Boat Launch Lot

  4. Tickets need to be picked up in person! The Eventbrite ticket is not your match ticket. You will not get into the stadium with the Eventbrite ticket.

    Tickets will be available for pickup at Nevada Smiths before 11am, in the bus parking lot before 3pm or at the River Gate Entrance after 3pm.

  5. After the match, go directly back to the bus. A Union liaison will escort is out of the stadium 15-20 min after the match ends.

For any other questions, post them in the comments below and we will try and get to them asap.