VOTE! - MLS Works Community MVP Contest


Major League Soccer and Wells Fargo are recognizing individuals who use soccer as a tool to make a difference. Each MLS club has selected an individual to represent their market as a Community MVP finalist. 

For New York City, that finalist is Omari McCleary of NYC12. Also known as the "NYCFC Pigeon."

From the MLS Works MVP Website:

"Omari McCleary espouses Good Shepherd Services, which provides quality, effective services that deepen connections between family members, within schools, and among neighbors. Omari’s first role as a volunteer for NYCFC was with the NYFEST youth soccer clinics. He stood out wearing a NYCFC t-shirt and pigeon mask (the unofficial mascot of NYCFC). While it wasn’t the most glamorous role, the kids literally flocked to him. He managed to engage them in activities throughout the day in his costume. Over the past year-and-a-half, he has continuously supported soccer both as a fan in the stands at NYCFC games and as an after-school program director at PS 297 in Brooklyn, New York.

The City Schools Cup is an annual event that brings together elementary school partners of NYCFC’s community program to celebrate and recognize students’ efforts both on and off the field. Omari and fellow coaches diligently prepared the team for the tournament, offered guidance from the sidelines and rooted the team on to a near victory! Many of his athletes were first time soccer players, collectively experiencing something new and learning the benefits of persistent practice and the satisfaction of improvement. Omari strives to incorporate the concept of “fair play” to encourage participants to take responsibilities for their mistakes, and “finishing” to promote focus and patience when working towards their academic and personal goals."

 Please show support for our club, our city and our guy by taking a brief moment to vote for Omari. Your vote could help his program win $10,000! #ComeOnNewYork