Please Donate to the Gemmell Fund

Our friends from the

Screaming Eagles

, the supporters group for DC United, have suffered a terrible loss. One of their longtime members was killed yesterday, along with two of her children, when a corporate jet struck their home in the DC suburbs. The Screaming Eagles are raising funds for the surviving members of her family.

From the Screaming Eagles'



Our Hearts are Heavy with the Loss of Eagles from our Fold
Screaming Eagles members Marie Wagner Gemmell and her two young sons Cole and Devin, were tragically killed when a plane struck their house in Gaithersburg, MD, on December 8.
Marie and her husband Ken joined the SE family 11 years ago and have many friends among the DC United soccer community.
A memorial fund has been set up on the Screaming Eagles Online Store with all proceeds going directly to Ken and his daughter Arabelle.

We are urging all Third Rail members to consider making a donation to the Gemmell Fund.

You can make a donation in the amount of $10, $25 or $50 here.