Statement from Third Rail board

The Third Rail is a volunteer-run organization, dedicated to bringing together New York City FC supporters from all walks of life to support the team and the city that we love. Our diverse organization stands for values that New Yorkers hold dear: inclusiveness, community, and giving back.

The Third Rail is aware that a very small number of individuals aligned with Southern Poverty Law Center-recognized hate groups have associated themselves with NYCFC supporters. These individuals are not Third Rail members nor do they participate in our events. Their conduct is expressly forbidden by our member code of conduct and their beliefs stand in opposition to our mission statement. Our organization has worked since 2015 to remove this element from NYCFC matches, where hatred and violence have no place. We categorically reject and condemn the ideologies held by these individuals and by extremist hate groups.

The Third Rail will continue working with NYCFC to improve our local communities, grow support for soccer, and ensure that matches remain a safe place for all supporters of NYCFC, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, age, or ability.