Tifo - A Process

On August 6th we will display our latest tifo. It's a 2 panel project with each piece measuring 40' x 50'. Here are some quick notes about the process:

- 16 people worked on the tifo.
- Over 15 hours were invested from start to finish.
- Approximately 20 gallons of paint were used. 
- 6 pizzas were consumed. 
- 1 incredible memory was made.
- The tifo will be displayed for up to 45 seconds. 

Tifo is one of the experiences that help define supporter culture and we are proud of and thankful for the people who volunteered the time and energy to help this process along. Check out some photos from the day below to take a behind the scenes look at how it's done. If you want to get involved in tifo in the future, please shoot us an e-mail at membership@thirdrail.nyc.