The Third Rail Announces Partnership with The Bronx Brewery

                                                                                                   Watch Bronx, Drink Bronx. 

                                                                                                   Watch Bronx, Drink Bronx. 

NEW YORK CITY, March 22, 2017 - The Third Rail S.C., the largest independently run soccer supporters group for New York City Football Club, is excited to announce a partnership with The Bronx Brewery, the largest, independently owned brewery in The Bronx, for the 2017 Major League Soccer season.

Starting April 1st, The Bronx Brewery will become the official beer partner of The Third Rail. This partnership brings together two local, community-focused organizations, working together to create a lasting impact in The Bronx. Together the two organizations will support NYCFC supporters culture by providing beer at a variety of Third Rail events, work together on community service events, and host unique experiences at the South Bronx brewery location.

Rox Fontaine, President of The Third Rail said:

“As a supporter organization with over 1000 members, The Third Rail is focused on supporting NYCFC and the local community. Engaging with members and fans over pints is a part of our culture, and we couldn’t be happier to work with a brewery that is local, active in The Bronx, and wants to work with us to support our mission in NYC. Cheers to that!”

Patrick Libonate, The Bronx Brewery VP of Marketing, commented:

“As a local business based in the South Bronx, we are thrilled to partner with The Third Rail, a group of supporters as passionate about their team as we are about beer, and who both possess a shared love for The Bronx. There's no better tradition in sports than enjoying a soccer match and beers with friends, and so we look forward to year one of this partnership.”