Bar Crawl

Come meet up with The Third Rail as we kick off 2017 with an East Village Bar Crawl! Join in for a drink or two, or for the entire day. If you've never been to a TR event before, this is a great opportunity to meet up with some members.

We'll be starting at Slainte on Bowery and 1st St. at 12:30pm. From there, we will be moving East on 1st avenue and then North on Avenue A. We'll end at Crocodile Lounge on 14th St. See the full schedule below to plan when and where you will be meeting up with us. 

The schedule and timeline are ambitious so we understand if you can't stick around for the entire crawl. View the route map here. Mark your calendars now!

12:30 - Slainte - 304 Bowery
2:00 - One and One - 76 E 1st St.
3:30 - Ace Bar - 531 E 5th St.
5:00 - Doc Holliday's - 141 Avenue A
6:30 - O'Hanlons - 349 E 14th St.
8:00 - Crocodile Lounge - 325 E 14th St.