Who Will Be The Next Designated Player?

Another game, another loss.  For the 10th time in a row, our boys in blue failed to earn 3 points, and for the 5th time this season, have failed to score a single goal (out of 12 total games).  Even with the star power of David Villa and Mix Diskerud (and eventually Frank Lampard), NYCFC has failed thus far, finding themselves at the bottom of the league table.  This is to be expected though.  This is an expansion team we are talking about.  However, it’s still early in the season, and there’s plenty of time to crawl back into a playoff spot.  With that said, NYCFC needs more talent on the field.  There are glaring weaknesses on all sides of the field, from defending to maintaining possession, and executing in front of the net.

Not picking up a 3rd designated player doesn’t really make sense.  The team has yet to completely gel together, and no one has solidified their spot or role with the team, with the exception of Josh Saunders.  

Here are a few possible options for a 3rd DP this summer:


I left off a few names like Drogba and Pirlo because of their age.  Recent transfer rumours suggest otherwise, but players at their age cannot fit into Jason Kreis’  “100 year” plan.

Only one thing is certain, NYCFC can only get better from here.  This summer should prove to be exciting with the anticipation of our first Hudson Derby home match and the arrival of Lampard.  Maybe in the coming weeks NYCFC can bring in some new talent and surprise us all, on and off the pitch.

Long live NYCFC.  Long live the Third Rail.