2015 Season

Opinion Piece: City Beats Needs Some Changes

By Third Rail Member Eric Barber

This is an opinion piece from a member and not all members of the Third Rail might agree with the following opinions. 

The NYCFC website says that the band they have hired, City Beats, is there to help “enhance the fan’s match-day experience.” In more ways than one they are doing the opposite. Along with the other great supporters sections, we the Third Rail sing and chant throughout the game in the general admission bleacher sections 235-238. These sections are the home of the most passionate NYCFC fans, but in my mind we are being overshadowed. 

When we cheer in the bleachers, we are singing as loud as we can and we even have a couple of drums, but the sound of the loud marching band instruments is something that we can not compete with. The acoustics of Yankee Stadium are already not great (that’s another story), and adding to the noise is horns and double the amount of drums we have in our sections that the club has designated to us. 

Friends have told me that when they watch the games on TV, they can’t hear any chanting or fans. The only thing they hear is a marching band. That’s just TV. Members of our group who happen to sit in other sections of the stadium have said that City Beats makes a lot of noise and they can’t hear us. 

We are the Third Rail. We are there to power our team on throughout every game. Not only do we want to let the opposing fans know that we have a presence, but we want to motivate our own players. This is not possible, however, with our noise being drowned out. Now I’m not saying that I dislike City Beats. They play some great songs, and they bring an upbeat musical presence. But the club’s front office has to make some changes for the band to work out and to make the supporters truly happy. 

First, they should not be playing throughout the game. Soccer, unlike most other sports here in America, plays continuously for 45 minutes 2 separate times. At baseball or football or even basketball games, there are timeouts and inning and quarter breaks. City Beats would be great in situations like that, but soccer is not a sport that works like that. They are a good musical group for halftime and before and after the games, but when the players are on the pitch, that is not the time. 

Second, City Beats does a lot of work before and after the game right outside the stadium. That works very well. People of all different ages think its cool to see them outside. That is something that maybe they can pre record and show on the jumbotron. 

Third, in our supporter’s section we have some very talented drummers. There is even a group that plays cool music called the Templados. Possibly there could be collaboration between City Beats and the Templados. It would be great interaction between the club and its supporters. Possibly we could lead a chant for the whole stadium. We could work with the club on getting a leader or just straight up Templados drummers on the big screen and have the stadium do one of our signature chants. It could be almost like a Fireman Ed thing that the Jets had for awhile. 

    Look, I’m not trying to say that the club should disband City Beats. Just the concept needs improvement. They drown out most of our sound, they distract the TV viewer, and most importantly it is unpleasant for most people around the stadium. They are good in little doses, but that is it. Right now there is some disconnect between the club and the supporters on a number of different issues. The City Beats issue is one that is easily fixable. The mindset that I have is not set in stone. The ideas for improvement can change, but one things for sure, as long as the Third Rail is in the bleachers, doesn’t matter if there is City Beats or Not, win or lose we will always follow NYCFC. 

NYCFC v Houston Dynamo

To say that the team has not played well of late is an understatement, but we, as supporters of NYCFC, will be there all the way -- win, lose or draw!

This Saturday at 7pm EDT, New York City FC take on Houston at Yankee Stadium in search of that elusive three points.

The Third Rail will be meeting up from 4pm onwards at Billy's and the Dugout behind Yankee Stadium.

Come join us for what will definitely be a lot of fun - and you never know...we might even get a win!

Real Salt Lake v NYCFC: Viewing Party

This Saturday, NYCFC look to build off the good momentum from last week as they travel to Real Salt Lake.

The Third Rail will be hosting a viewing party at Nevada Smith's from 9pm onwards. Here is the agenda

  • 9pm: Membership meeting and Q&A
  • 10pm: RSL v NYCFC

Let us know if you will be attending here

p.s. We will also have 50 Third Rail scarves on sale.

See you at Nevadas!

The Hudson Derby: Tickets Available

UPDATE: All away section tickets are sold out. Contact RBNY by phone to check if they have other tickets available and ask to sit near our section.


May 10th marks the date for the first New York derby (aka Hudson Derby).  

We have close to a 1000 tickets already sold for the away section with over 300 still available - and they are selling fast!

Join the Third Rail on this historic derby day and get your (cheap) tickets now.


Tickets are $20 dollars each and there is a service charge of $1.75 per ticket. You might notice they come up as $30 but when you enter your code and check out the ticket price comes down to $20.

Click the link below and create an account (this is separate from your NYCFC TicketMaster account) and enter the code THIRDRAIL to unlock the price and the section.

Let's fill them up! Tell everyone you know! You do not need to be a TR member to get in on this!!


Seattle Sounders at Home

It's been a rough few weeks for New York City FC, but despite the results the supporters community keeps on getting stronger and stronger.

This week, we take on Seattle and the team needs all the support they can get.

The Third Rail will, as always, be at Billy's bar from 4pm onwards.  Join us!

If you have not got a ticket yet, make sure to do so here.

Also, for the game, we have a new Chants and Songs PDF for you to download.

Ross Cranwell is the Director of Marketing. An Irish native, Ross has been living in NYC for over a year now and works in marketing for a tech company. Ross loves NYCFC, Serie A and plays pickup. Reach out to him on twitter to chat!

Chicago Fire Viewing Party

NYCFC go in search of a much needed win against Chicago and the Third Rail will be at Nevada Smith's to cheer them on.

Here are the details:

Our membership meeting will take place at 7pm, but feel free to arrive any time before that to get a seat and to grab a few drinks.

Also, the Players Lounge is offering all 2015 Third Rail members a special offer extending open bar two hours.  The offer is $30 from 7pm-1am.  Please visit this link for more details.

As always, Third Rail members receive 10% off all drinks at Nevada Smiths and merchandise will be available for purchase.

For any questions, post them in the comments below.


Posted by Ross Cranwell 

Ross Cranwell is the Director of Marketing. An Irish native, Ross has been living in NYC for over a year now and works in marketing for a tech company. Ross loves NYCFC, Serie A and plays pickup. Reach out to him on twitter to chat!

Match Report: New York City Suffered Their Second Loss at the Hands of Philadelphia Union

The spectators at PPL Park were treated to beautiful weather and exciting soccer this past Sunday. Unfortunately, for NYCFC fans the result left something to be desired.

Philadelphia Union managed to find the back of the net in stoppage time to secure a 2-1 victory over NYCFC.

The Union’s Sebastien Le Toux managed to beat a tackle and get a few clean touches in the penalty area before passing the ball across the mouth of the goal. Eric Ayuk received the pass and took the shot but it deflected off the Union’s Zach Pfeffer before crossing the goal line in the 27th minute. It appeared that an equalizer would come a minute later when Adam Nemec finished a pass from David Villa but the ball was ruled out of bounds prior to the pass. With the exception of a few solid plays it was another case of poor first half performance from NYCFC.

NYCFC came out fighting in the second half. The team was clearly pressing harder and more efficiently. Unlike the first half, the midfield controlled the possession and turned it into meaningful attacks. David Villa displayed another one of his fantastic back heels off a pass from Mix Diskerud to start a sequence of passes that ended with him scoring in the 55th minute. Khiry Shelton, Adam Nemec and Josh Willams all had beautiful one touch passes to set up Villa close to the goal.

A draw felt inevitable as the match was coming to a close. The Union’s Vincent Nogueira apparently missed the draw memo and scored off a Josh Saunders punched ball in the 92nd minute.

With a poor first half performance from NYCFC a win would have been great but a draw would have felt acceptable. A loss, given the teams first half struggles in the past matches feels pretty rough. Hopefully, the team can nip their first half blues in the bud before it becomes a recurring issue.

NYCFC will have a chance to avenge the loss this Thursday at 7pm when they face the Union again at home.

As always, go NYCFC and Hail The Rail!

#Phillyaway Quick Details

As the big game in Philly approaches, here is some key information for the road trip.

  1. We are sitting in section 132 in the Stadium

  2. The bus for Philly leaves at 11am, so be there as early as possible.

  3. If you are driving down, park in Lot A and meet us in the Boat Launch Lot

  4. Tickets need to be picked up in person! The Eventbrite ticket is not your match ticket. You will not get into the stadium with the Eventbrite ticket.

    Tickets will be available for pickup at Nevada Smiths before 11am, in the bus parking lot before 3pm or at the River Gate Entrance after 3pm.

  5. After the match, go directly back to the bus. A Union liaison will escort is out of the stadium 15-20 min after the match ends.

For any other questions, post them in the comments below and we will try and get to them asap.

Get Live Video Updates from Philly

If you are not one of the 300 making the trip down to Philadelphia, you can still follow the action from the bus trip and around the stadium via our Periscope app. 

If you are unfamiliar with Periscope, it's an iOS app that allows you to broadcast live from your phone. If you don't have an iPhone or iPad, you can view it on your desktop.

Follow The Third Rail on Periscope 


8 Reasons to Join the Third Rail in Philadelphia

For those who are on the fence about joining us in Philly for the next NYCFC game, we've compiled 8 reasons for you to hop on the bus with the Third Rail. #hailtherail

Match Report: New York City Fall to their First Defeat

It was another packed night at Yankee Stadium dispute the freezing temperatures and snow.

NYCFC took to the pitch looking to secure its second win at home and extend its undefeated run. It was clear we had our work cut out for us even before the match started. Coach Kreis has some tough roster calls to make due to the absence of Nemec, Shelton, captain David Villa and a few others due to call ups, injuries, and suspensions. To fill these empty spots Kreis gave Kwame, Calle and Mullins their first starts. Tony Taylor, McNamara and Poku made their first appearances as substitutes.

SKC had yet to win a match this season and made it very apparent early on that they meant business.

They put the pedal down as soon as the match started and it was easy to see that NYCFC had a hard time keeping up. Matt Besler, known for his long throw ins was given the chance to show off those skills around the 12th minute. He took advantage of the situation and lofted a beautiful throw-in that Ike Opara headed in to find the back of the net. Graham Zusi and Jimmy Medranda both had shots from dangerous positions that went off target. SKC continued to control the pace until the half was over.

NYCFC fans had a some great reasons to get excited during the second half. The team began to obtain more meaningful possession and looked as though they would equalize at any moment. NYCFC continued to put on more and more pressure as the time was winding down. Both Brovsky and Grabavoy had chances to head in a goal during stoppage time but neither found the back of the net. Despite the increased pressure and a handful of chances in stoppage time the equalizer did not materialize.

It was a tough home loss on a frigid night to a very good opponent.

Coach Kreis and the players will have a lot to learn during the break before facing Philly Union on April 11th. This team has shown that when they are working together they can stand up to some of the best in the league. With some tweaks to the playing style and more time together this team will surely become a force to be reckoned with in the MLS.

As always, GO NYCFC and HAIL THE RAIL!

Article written by: Mike Brown

Best Moments from NYCFC v Sporting KC

We didn't get the result we wanted, but we still had a great night out. #hailtherail

Photos curated by Analucia Castillo.

Who The Funk are Sporting KC?

On Saturday March 28th 2015, NYCFC will play it's fourth match of the year, and second home game of 2015 against Sporting KC.  When most people think of Kansas City, they probably look back to the magical run by the Royals last fall.  For those who may not know much about Sporting KC, here is a quick 101.

Who are They?

This is Sporting KC’s 20th season after being introduced as one of the 10 charter MLS members.  They were initially known as the Kansas City Wiz, and then eventually the Kansas City Wizards.  In 2011, the team re-branded itself to Sporting KC, adopting a European-style name.  Since their inception, Sporting KC have won two MLS cups.

Players to Watch

Forward Dom Dwyer - Dwyer had a breakout year in 2014 accumulating 22 goals – second most in the league.  He was also named to the MLS All-Star team in 2014, the first of his career.

Midfielder Graham Zusi - Zusi is best known from the U.S. Men’s National Team where he played in the 2014 FIFA World Cup.  He was involved in two notable plays; the corner kick assist against Ghana leading to the game winning goal, and the assist to Clint Dempsey against Portugal which ended in a draw.  Zusi was also the MLS breakout player of the year in 2011 and is a 3x MLS All-Star.

Content belongs to FIFA and US Soccer. Distributed for Fair Use

Credit goes to FIFA, BBC & ESPN for content.

Defender Matt Besler – Captain for Sporting KC and also played on the 2014 FIFA World Cup Men’s National Team.  He started in the three World Cup matches against Ghana, Portugal, and Germany.  Besler is also a 3x MLS All-Star.

This will be a great match-up for the second home game of NYCFC.  Be sure to get your ticket if you haven’t yet, and keep up with The Third Rail on Twitter @ThirdRailSC.

See you Saturday!

Posted by Andrew Singh

Andrew Singh is a Contributor and member of the Third Rail. Born and raised in New York, Andrew has a passion for many things such as music, traveling, and of course sports. He's recently become obsessed with fútbol, and enjoys chatting about NYCFC, and La Liga. Contact him via twitter @Singh_A87 if you want to get in touch and talk about The Third Rail, fútbol, or anything intellectually stimulating.


[ROAD TRIP] Join us in Philly

On April 11th, the Third Rail make their first supporters bus trip in the MLS. We want you there!

Our Board has organized a bus to take us from New York to Philadelphia for the game on Saturday of that week.

For pricing of tickets and the bus, check out our eventbrite page or register immediately below.

NYCFC v Sporting KC - This Saturday

After a pretty dull game at the weekend, New York City FC is looking forward to their second home game at Yankee Stadium - this time against Sporting KC.

As the game falls on a Saturday, it's a great time to hang out with the TR members before and after the game at Billy's in the Bronx.

Kickoff is at 7pm EST but many will be at the bar beforehand from 4pm onwards.  Also, we will have a merchandise table at Bill's where you can pick up 2014 membership materials and look at our available 2015 merchandise.

If you have yet to get a ticket, make sure to do so today.

See you on Saturday!

Posted by Ross Cranwell 

Ross Cranwell is the Director of Marketing at the Third Rail. An Irish native, Ross is crazy about football, plays pickup in Manhattan, and loves NYCFC and Serie A. Contact him via twitter @rosscranwell if you want to get in touch for a kick around or to talk Third Rail and football (sorry, soccer ;))