"Kicking Ebola Out" in the Bronx

Last weekend, the Third Rail joined the Organization of New York Mandingo (ONYMA) in the Bronx for their "Kicking out EBOLA Thru Soccer" tournament. Ebola is obviously much in the news today, with the first cases in the United States, bringing added focus to ONYMA's work raising both awareness and money to fight the disease in West Africa.

Here, Third Rail board member Andres Loaiza poses with members of the tournament champions, New York Syli National De Guinée:

We are proud to have been a sponsor of the "Kicking out EBOLA thru Soccer" tournament, and to donate the trophy for this year's event.

Community service is central to the Third Rail's mission of nurturing and growing the soccer community here in New York City, and salute ONYMA for all their work.

We echo ONYMA's motto "Uniting Our Community Through Sports" and look forward to continuing to work with charitable soccer organizations all over our great city.

(photo credit: ONYMA)