It's Time to Select Your Seats!

Seat selection for 2015 season tickets begins next week, and Director of Membership Samuel Youn has created this FAQ to answer as many questions as possible. 

New York City FC will be calling Third Rail members at their respective appointment times to process seat selection for the Third Rail Supporter Sections (236 & 237). New York City FC will cross reference your Ticket Master information with the PayPal information you provided when signing up for the Third Rail: if your Third Rail name does not match your ticket master name, update your information immediately on this form. 

If you have multiple memberships under the same name, please use the form to update the contact information for other members under your account.

Please read the following FAQ carefully before reaching out with questions.

How will they know to call me?

New York City FC has a list of Third Rail members, updated at the end of every day. They will cross reference that list and call you by the number you listed when you originally put down your deposit on Tickemaster. New York City FC will be calling the number you put down in Ticket Master.  If you just signed up that day, please be prepared with your confirmation email from PayPal. 

What if my Paypal name is different than the New York City FC deposit Name?

Fill out this form immediately to update your name and contact information.

What if I want to purchase my membership the day of my seat selection?

The ticketing agent on the phone will walk you through the steps to purchase membership online. Once membership is purchased, the ticketing agent will request that you forward your PayPal confirmation email to verify your membership.

What happens if I don't get a phone call?

E-mail with your name, ticket master confirmation number and your Third Rail membership number.

Will individual tickets be sold for the Third Rail Supporters Section?

New York City FC is not selling single tickets at this time. The club's priority is to sell out supporter sections to season ticket holders. If these sections are not sold out by the time the 2015 season begins, it will be up to the discretion of New York City FC to allow single ticket purchases to our section. If space permits and single ticket purchases are allowed, all Third Rail single ticket purchasers are welcome to join us. However, we highly recommend Third Rail members to purchase Season Tickets to make sure they can sit with us in the supporter sections.

I have multiple season tickets under my name. Do I need to buy multiple Third Rail memberships?

One Third Rail membership will permit all of your season tickets to be seated in the Third Rail sections. 

What if I have season tickets to another section in the stadium, am I permitted to join the Third Rail sections for certain games?

No. You must have tickets to the specific sections (236 or 237) in order to join the section for each game.

Will Sections 236 and 237 be general admission or assigned seating?

Seating is General Admission by section. If you have tickets to section 236, you may sit anywhere within that section. However, you may not move between sections 236 and 237. Make sure you and your friends decide on which section to sit in so that you can be together.

So what happens if I want to attend a single game in the Third Rail sections?

We will have a Third Rail ticket exchange where Third Rail season ticket holders can sell their individual game tickets to other members.

If you have questions that were not answered in the FAQ, please email Director of Membership Samuel Youn at and he will be happy to help you. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Yankee Stadium!