Help Us Design the 2014 Members' Scarf!

Another day, another contest!

This time, we're asking for your help in designing the scarf all Third Rail members will receive as part of their membership package for 2014.

This scarf will never be sold, it will only be available to Charter Members as our thanks for joining!

You can use this template, or submit it using your own (click for full size):
Send your proposed designs to The Third Rail's Board of Directors will evaluate all submissions and nominate four semi-finalists. We will hand those semi-finalists over to the full membership, which will then vote online and in person on the final design. One vote per member.

Submissions are due by 12:00 noon EST on August 4th, 2014. Voting will commence later that week at the Third Rail's next public meeting, to be held on August 9th, and continue online after that. 

What should the slogan be?  "WE ARE NEW YORK CITY" worked for our first limited run last year, but maybe it's time for something new. And should we include "CHARTER MEMBER" on it, to honor all of you who are fans from Day One?  The decisions are yours!

Okay, now here's the fine print:
  • The scarves are approximately 7" x 60".
  • This is for our current membership package, so if you're including a year please keep it to 2014.
  • You may not use "NYCFC", "New York City FC" or any of the club's logos or trademarks. We are an independent supporters group. 
  • You do ask, however, that you include at least one of our logos (click for full size).
  • Please keep in mind that these scarves will be embroidered; be careful of overly-complex designs.  Simpler is better, and we encourage you to limit the colors to our palette.  We reserve the right to modify all designs to accommodate production requirements.
  • You may submit as many designs as you like. 
  • This contest is open to anyone regardless of membership in the Third Rail. If a non-member wins, that designer will receive a free scarf of his/her design. If a member wins, he/she will receive a Third Rail logo tshirt, to be produced at a later date.
  • You agree that by submitting your design you release all rights to us, because;
  • We reserve the right to hold on to great designs that don't make this cut and manufacture them for sale at a later date. If we do that, we'll give you the first one free!
Have at it - we can't wait to see what you come up with!