NYCFC - Yankee Stadium Security Information

As you all might have heard there have been a few reports of some very questionable and inappropriate conduct in the supporters section and we would like to take a moment to address this.

We would like to share the Yankee Stadium security phone number with you.  That number is 917.746.0088.   We ask that you remain above the fray if such actions continue and to use this number.  If you choose to respond, you are likely to be ejected and/or will make the situation worse.

We are the Third Rail and we are out there in the bleachers to have fun but most importantly, be there for our team EVERY step of the way. 

I will leave you with this...

Chance Michaels, our Third Rail President had the following to say with regards to inappropriate conduct a week ago:

"There is no room for it in our sections.  There is NO room for it."  

As a Board we completely agree with Chance and ask that you use the phone number we provided above and let Yankee Stadium approach and deal with situations, should they arise in the future.


Third Rail Board