Topps Now Villa 50 Yard Goal Trading Card

What do you do when you're nearing the final whistle of a soccer match, you've missed a few goal scoring opportunities, you have a breakaway opportunity that starts at midfield, you're covered by two defenders and you're just too tired to try and run it out. Well, when you're David Villa, you just chip the keeper from 53.5 yards out. +1. Game. 

The Third Rail was there and it was a moment of pure bliss. Commemorate a surefire goal of the year candidate with this Topps Now trading card. This card is limited to the number purchased in 24 hours so act now to secure your copy. Sales close tomorrow, 4/18/17, at around 2 pm. Click the link below to purchase! Time is ticking...


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Kicking + Screening #SoccerSocialHour

Join in this Saturday for a special #SoccerSocialHour to raise money for America SCORES New York.

The NY soccer community will come together this Saturday at Brooklyn Brewery for a special event to support America SCORES NY. Tickets include all-you-can-drink Brooklyn Brewery beers, snacks from Insomnia Cookies, popcorn from Nitehawk Cinemas, and entry into a very cool raffle.

And as a K+S supporter, you can get a 23% discount on tickets. Simply click the BUY TICKETS button below and use the code KANDS.

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Event Details:

  • K+S #SoccerSocialHour w/ America SCORES NY
  • Saturday, April 8, 9:00PM to Midnight
  • Brooklyn Brewery, 79 North 11th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn (MAP | Subway: L train to Bedford Ave.)

$50 with discount code KANDS (regular price: $65)

  • Unlimited beer, chance to win great prizes, snacks from Insomnia Cookies, popcorn from Nitehawk Cinema

Raffle prizes include, among others:

  • Samsung tablet
  • signed Thomas Muller Bayern Munich jersey
  • K+S New York 2017 festival passes
  • Fitness classes from SoulCycle, Swerve, and more
  • Sunskis eyewear


Click here for more info and to purchase tickets.

Topps Now Villa Assist Trading Card

Get your Topps Now Villa "Backheel" card NOW! This card recognizes Villa's knack for sexy backheel flicks. 2 of which led to goals that helped the team grab 3 points at home versus the San Jose Quakes. This card is limited to the number purchased in 24 hours so act now to secure your copy. Sales close tomorrow, 4/4/17, at around 2 pm. Click the link below to purchase! Time is ticking...


New Song: Tommy, Can You Hear Me?

We have a new song we'd like to sing for one of our favorite players! We think he deserves it. It's short, sweet and simple. Please learn it if you don't know it already and let's give our boy Tommy a shout at the next home game on April 23rd. 


Tommy, can you hear me?

Can you feel me near you?

Tommy, can you see me?

Can I help to cheer you?

Oooooooh, Tommy... Tommy... Tommy... 

Repeat 3x


The Third Rail Announces Partnership with The Bronx Brewery

                                                                                                   Watch Bronx, Drink Bronx. 

                                                                                                   Watch Bronx, Drink Bronx. 

NEW YORK CITY, March 22, 2017 - The Third Rail S.C., the largest independently run soccer supporters group for New York City Football Club, is excited to announce a partnership with The Bronx Brewery, the largest, independently owned brewery in The Bronx, for the 2017 Major League Soccer season.

Starting April 1st, The Bronx Brewery will become the official beer partner of The Third Rail. This partnership brings together two local, community-focused organizations, working together to create a lasting impact in The Bronx. Together the two organizations will support NYCFC supporters culture by providing beer at a variety of Third Rail events, work together on community service events, and host unique experiences at the South Bronx brewery location.

Rox Fontaine, President of The Third Rail said:

“As a supporter organization with over 1000 members, The Third Rail is focused on supporting NYCFC and the local community. Engaging with members and fans over pints is a part of our culture, and we couldn’t be happier to work with a brewery that is local, active in The Bronx, and wants to work with us to support our mission in NYC. Cheers to that!”

Patrick Libonate, The Bronx Brewery VP of Marketing, commented:

“As a local business based in the South Bronx, we are thrilled to partner with The Third Rail, a group of supporters as passionate about their team as we are about beer, and who both possess a shared love for The Bronx. There's no better tradition in sports than enjoying a soccer match and beers with friends, and so we look forward to year one of this partnership.”

Topps Now Villa Brace Trading Card!

Our Captain, 2016 MLS MVP and goal scoring machine Villa has a new trading card from Topps celebrating his brace in our home opener.  This card is limited to the number purchased in 24 hours so act now to secure your copy. Sales close tomorrow, 3/14/17, at around 2 pm. Click the link below to purchase NOW! Time is ticking...

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A Letter From Third Rail Board of Directors

TO Orlando City Soccer Club and New York City Football Club


On behalf of the membership of The Third Rail, we demand that Orlando City Soccer Club and New York City Football Club explain the lack of away supporter security protocols in place before, during, and after the March 5th 2017 match at Orlando City Stadium that led to 198 travelling NYCFC supporters being exposed to unacceptable levels of abuse and harm, in and around the stadium.


Furthermore, we demand meaningful reforms to all security protocols at Orlando City Stadium to ensure a safe environment for all away supporters and that NYCFC reiterate its commitment to the safety of its own travelling supporters.


NYCFC supporters at the March 5th match between NYCFC and Orlando City SC have reported that they feared for their safety before, during and after the event. What occurred on Sunday endangered NYCFC’s most dedicated supporters and has led many to refuse to travel to future away NYCFC matches.


The Third Rail considers the following events to be unacceptable breaches in away supporter security:

·      NYCFC supporters were led to walk through one block of the crowded Orlando City SC pre-match fan zone experience to get to their assigned stadium entrance

·      NYCFC supporters were forced to walk through a line of Orlando City SC ticket holders to enter the stadium, creating two crossing, perpendicular lines between opposing supporters

·      In the stadium there was no buffer row of seats between NYCFC supporters and Orlando City SC supporters. Insults, physical threats, and homophobic slurs were yelled at NYCFC supporters from people sitting one row below, as well as from neighboring sections.

·      Match tickets in the NYCFC section were sold to Orlando City SC supporters

·      Security for the NYCFC section was minimal and passive. There were only two security officials, one on either side of the section, and two police officers, one at the top of each stairwell, all of whom did not stop Orlando City SC supporters entering the NYCFC section to claim their seats

·      Due to the lack of security around the NYCFC section, a member of the NYCFC front office, without the aid of security or Orlando City SC officials, was forced to remove the aforementioned Orlando SC supporters from our section

·      Upon exiting the stadium, all 198 NYCFC supporters were instructed to walk east on West Church Street among Orlando SC supporters with minimal and unacceptable levels of security for a group that size. During this walk there were multiple instances of violence, physical threats, and homophobic slurs directed at NYCFC supporters.


We find the lack of planning and security surrounding the post-match walk down West Church Street to be particularly troubling and dangerous.


While Orlando City Stadium has just opened, and Orlando City SC is refining many of its game day protocols, Orlando City SC has hosted home matches and attended away matches in Major League Soccer for the past two years. The lack of security planning present on March 5th is inexcusable in this context.


We look forward to hearing an explanation from Orlando City SC and NYCFC as to why NYCFC supporters were put in this position on Sunday night, as well as learn how Orlando City SC will implement meaningful reforms to their away supporter security protocols in the future. Additionally, we also look forward to receiving reassurances from NYCFC regarding their plans to ensure the safety of all travelling NYCFC supporters in the future. We stand ready to engage in constructive discussions with all involved parties around maintaining the safety of all NYCFC supporters, at home and away, this season.



Board of Directors

The Third Rail SC 



ISC Stands with Vancouver Southsiders in Wake of US Travel Ban

by Sean Dane 

The Independent Supporters Council (ISC) stands with the actions of the Vancouver Southsiders soccer supporters group (*1) to limit their organized supporter travel and calls on all ISC affiliated groups to exercise a similar abundance of caution in protecting their members. 

On January 27th 2017, the United States government announced the executive order titled “PROTECTING THE NATION FROM FOREIGN TERRORIST ENTRY INTO THE UNITED STATES”, which amounts to an immediate travel ban that affects soccer supporters throughout North America. We believe that in these uncertain times it is absolutely critical that the leadership of North American soccer supporter organizations do all that they can to protect their members and stand in solidarity with supporters that may be affected.

Soccer was introduced to North America by immigrants, and our players and supporters come from every corner of the world. It is a global, inclusive game, and the ISC’s charter is clear in our opposition to racism and bias in all forms. A selective travel ban introduces bias into the game that we love.

As a collective of organizations dedicated to the support and growth of soccer in North America, the ISC also respects those that still choose to travel to international away matches. We recommend that those who plan to travel for away matches take all necessary and legal precautions to protect themselves and others while traveling to and from the US.

While we are encouraged by the February 4th ruling from US District Court Judge James Robart suspending the executive order; we ask all supporters to remain cautious until the order has been fully rescinded. We recommend that supporters’ groups refrain from ORGANIZED international travel and allow individuals to make decisions on their own.


The Independent Supporters Council was founded in 2009 to advocate for the fair treatment of home and away supporters, promote supporters culture, and oppose both racism and bias inside stadiums in North America.

Bar Crawl

Come meet up with The Third Rail as we kick off 2017 with an East Village Bar Crawl! Join in for a drink or two, or for the entire day. If you've never been to a TR event before, this is a great opportunity to meet up with some members.

We'll be starting at Slainte on Bowery and 1st St. at 12:30pm. From there, we will be moving East on 1st avenue and then North on Avenue A. We'll end at Crocodile Lounge on 14th St. See the full schedule below to plan when and where you will be meeting up with us. 

The schedule and timeline are ambitious so we understand if you can't stick around for the entire crawl. View the route map here. Mark your calendars now!

12:30 - Slainte - 304 Bowery
2:00 - One and One - 76 E 1st St.
3:30 - Ace Bar - 531 E 5th St.
5:00 - Doc Holliday's - 141 Avenue A
6:30 - O'Hanlons - 349 E 14th St.
8:00 - Crocodile Lounge - 325 E 14th St.


The Third Rail Has Strong Showing at Pepito Cup 2016

By Ray Kingsbury

The Third Rail came up big for the 2016 Pepito Cup hosted by Italian national teamer, and New Jersey native, Giuseppe Rossi. Rossi, though arriving late due to a delayed flight from Lisbon, was greeted warmly by fans and journalists alike at the event at Chelsea Piers Sports Center. In an interview with Sky Sports Italy, Rossi seemed pleased with the turnout, and the Third Rail was the center of the party with TR New Jersey Chapter’s Connor Lloyd and his drum being featured during the exit scene for the segment. The event, which took place on Friday, December 23rd, was done to benefit the Kick 4 Life charity to which Giuseppe Rossi is a brand ambassador.

The squad, which consisted of an eclectic group of Third Rail members from different chapters, went on to have the second best record in the tournament, besting the Red Bulls' 1 win and 2 losses. Despite placing fifth of six teams, it was evident that the squad was one of the better teams at the tournament and received compliments from competitors – even the Red Bulls. If you want to take a look at the team’s performance, you can watch video streamed to the Third Rail public facebook page by Rox Fontaine. 

The format of the tournament allowed for each team to play exactly three games. The teams were split into two groups by random draw. Group A consisted of Napoli supports, Bologna supporters, and the Giuseppe Rossi Fan Club (which included one Third Rail member). The second group was filled out by The Third Rail, Red Bull supporters, and AC Milan supporters.

The first game of our group kicked off with AC Milan supporters edging out an impressive victory over the Red Bulls. Next up was the Third Rail versus AC Milan, which saw the Third Rail team come together in quick interplay to take a stout victory. Immediately following this the team went up against the Red Bulls, and due to a combination of fatigue and mistakes, we fell 1-0 early before clawing back level and conceding again. Though it looked as if the team could reclaim the lead with a late resurgence, some colorful calls by the referee combined with a challenge of the century by John Hayducky sealed the deal. Due to the way that the bracket fell, seeding was decided by two games, and with each team in our group tied on wins, it fell to goal difference, which we lost out on. This saw us turn out for a third consecutive game against the Bologna supporters. Though hampered by a series of knocks from the previous two games, all players on the roster got out on the pitch for this game and took a dominating win. Though placing fifth, we take pride in the fact that we won two of our three games, and bested the Red Bulls record, who fell unceremoniously in the championship game to the Giuseppe Rossi Fan Club. Ironically, they were wearing blue and rostering a Third Rail member so it was nice to see that New York is indeed still blue!

Though tournament organizers intended for The Rail to wear orange, upon unveiling the jerseys it was quickly realized a huge mistake had been made. "Oh well, it’s almost Christmas, and looking like Santa Claus isn’t that bad…. right?" Yeah, having to wear red jerseys sucked, and to make matters even worse the Red Bulls were present! Following the tournament, The Third Rail’s supporters had the opportunity to mill around on the pitches and meet Giuseppe Rossi as well as shoot some penalties against Light Railer and budding keeper Sam Perman. All in all, the support shown for the team by other TR members and the teamwork, friendship, and sportsmanship between The Third Rail and the other groups was the biggest positive of the night. Scarves were swapped and fun was had. It was quite a good start to a holiday weekend.

2016 Pepito Cup

By Ray Kingsbury

The Third Rail is proud to announce a new off-season adventure! We have assembled some of the finest (cough) players to participate in the 2016 Pepito Cup. The 2nd year tournament, which is hosted by Italian-American player Giuseppe Rossi of Fiorentina, will take place on December 23rd at the Chelsea Piers sports center. We invite you all to come and cheer on The Third Rail squad as we take on supporter groups of Italian Serie A clubs as well as the dreaded Ed Bulls of New Jersey. The Third Rail's team has the distinct honor of being joined on the field by former US Men's National Team captain, member of the 2002 FIFA World Cup All-Tournament team and NYCFC Sporting Director Claudio Reyna.

Come out and show your support for the #TRibe and cheer on the team for a good and fun cause! Admission is free

Check out our full roster below. 

Topps Now Villa MVP Trading Card

Our Captain David Villa won MLS MVP and Topps is marking the occasion with a limited production Topps Now card! This card features our Captain "El Guaje" posing with the Landon Donovan MVP Trophy at his award ceremony yesterday in New York City. This card is limited to the number purchased in 24 hours so act now to secure your copy. Sales close tomorrow, 12/8/16, at Noon. Click the link below to purchase NOW! Time is ticking...

Third Rail members, be sure to check out our member app for an exclusive deal!


2016 Recap

2016 was a very active year for The Third Rail and we thank all of our members and supporters for creating the energy that pushed us to excel. Here is a list of what we accomplished this year:

  • 21 watch parties at Playwright 35th. Thanks to our gracious away day bar, members received an hour of free beer for each match and a custom discounted food and drink menu
  • Our chapters hosted local watch parties in New Jersey, Westchester, Connecticut, and South Brooklyn
  • Bus trips to Philadelphia, New England and DC. All trips included free snacks and water on the bus 
  • Hosted a free inter SG tailgate outside of Red Bull Arena. Complete with DJ, kegs and food
  • Produced a first ever stunt and put a Snapchat filter over the entirety of Red Bull Arena
  • Our Connecticut chapter hosted a free inter SG pre-game tailgate at New England
  • We produced four large scale tifo banners, one of which was a first ever scrolling panel
  • 20% membership discount at Upper 90 on NYCFC and Team USA apparel
  • Trip to the 2016 MLS Superdraft in Baltimore followed by a private party with Q&A session with Patrick Vieira and draft selection Jack Harrison at Slainte
  • Participated in the NYCFC pre-game video shoot
  • Participated in the ESPN app launch commercial 
  • Distributed 600 scarves and membership cards to members at the home opener
  • Coordinated a canned food drive at the home opener, collecting food donations for BronxWorks
  • Participated in the FIFA Interactive World Cup Finals, including exhibition matches with finalists,  and tickets to the grand finale event at the Apollo Theater
  • Third Rail Pride T-shirt sale, raising $100 for the New York Ramblers
  • Coordinated discounted tickets to the NYC Kicking and Screening Film Festival
  • Supported the NYC Soccer Initiative mini pitch grand opening at Mill Brook Houses in The Bronx 
  • Donated $500 worth of school supplies to PS 49 (Bronx) students for the MLS 20 for 20 Initiative mini pitch unveiling
  • Coordinated The NYC Supporters Cup soccer tournament, which raised over $3000 for Street Soccer USA
  • Coordinated a Third Rail exclusive NYCFC training session visit
  • Raised and donated $300 to South Bronx United for their 6th Annual Benefit, this year honoring Jack Harrison
  • Created The Third Rail “Jolty” end of season player awards
  • Hosted an end of season party with guests and award recipients David Villa and Andoni Iraola along with Patrick Vieira and RJ Allen
  • Produced our first ever, and limited edition, New Era fitted cap, a derby day T-shirt, custom pin buttons, and introduced our new lifestyle supporters wear brand Electric City
  • Became the first supporters group ever to directly partner with Topps trading cards
  • Coordinated a limited engagement outing with Audi showcasing their Player Index at Chelsea Piers
  • Donated 40 tickets to Tickets for Troops Initiative

Offseason? What offseason? 2017 is just around the corner and we're hard at work preparing to do it bigger and better next season. Stay tuned for some exciting developments as we continue to grow and evolve! 

2016 End of Season Party

by Stephanie Plaut

Did you miss the party of the year Friday night at Playwright 35th? We hope not! Third Railers from New Jersey to Connecticut turned out in force to celebrate the end of our second season, and it was a blast.

The night started off with the presentation of the first annual Jolty Awards. Our Light Rail U21s were the night's presenters. Accepting the award for Player of the Season was David Villa. After thanking us for our support, he emphasized how much he loves playing soccer in NYC and how much he attributes his success to the hard work of his teammates. Our Unsung Hero winner was Andoni Iraola. He was gratified that we took the time to acknowledge his contributions on the field. Patrick Vieira seemed very happy, too, that Andoni got some love. He said the award perfectly reflects Andoni's selfless behavior on and off the field. Defender of the Season Ronald Matarrita was unable to join us because he was called up to the Costa Rica National Team. Third Railers got an extra treat when RJ Allen showed up as well to mingle with the crowd, sign autographs and take pics. You can imagine the shocked looks of the patrons at Playwright when they saw who we had been partying with upstairs, behind the velvet rope.

Festivities continued even as the USMNT took on Mexico. A fierce FIFA 17 tournament raged on with players wrapped up enough to miss the actual USA goal in the hex. Rox handed out NYCFC swag and we had intense competition during half time with a NYCFC trivia contest, questions by last winner, Kate Reilly. Sean Proctor took home the night's grand prize of a 2015 secondary jersey signed by the entire team. Congratulations, Sean! (New TR tradition born: trivia contest winner provides the questions for the next contest.)

Cupcakes with blue and orange frosting helped to offset the USMNT loss, Mumsi Harrison was her usual charming self and Third Railers partied into the night, happy to celebrate a pretty successful second season on the pitch and in the stands.

Check out some photos below. Photos here courtesy of Cathy Logo (IG: catuxa) For more visit our facebook page:

Watch Party - NYCFC vs Toronto FC

Please join us this Sunday at Playwright 35th and help us bring the noise! The club will be playing their first ever playoff game against Toronto FC and we will be clinging to every moment. Toronto is also in their first ever playoff game so we are expecting fireworks!

Free beer🍺 in the hour before kickoff and, of course, our custom Third Rail food and drink menu to boot! We look forwarding to seeing YOU there.

Playwright 35th is conveniently located at 27 W 35th Street NY, NY.